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~Music and Mood

I currently have a great intern that will be writing some guest posts in the upcoming weeks.  Enjoy!    Marnie

Music can have a dramatic effect on our mood.  It can make you really excited and actually feel like your energy level increases,  or it can also have the opposite effect and help relax you when you're mind is racing and going in many different directions.  There are many things we've all heard about music helps you focus, classical music can help you retain information for a test if you listen to it while you study, music can help you sleep, lullabies can put babies to sleep, etc.  Scientists are studing the brain and determining the changes that occure in our brains while listening to music. 

Listening to music not only feels good but can also have some physiological benefits.  For example, we all know surgery can be scary.  A study was done where patients either listened to music or took anxiety medications prior to surgery.  The anxiety levels were lower in the ones who listened to music than the patients who took the medications!  Listening to music is also related to our body's ability to fight off germs!  Researchers have found that our brains can be changed depending on the genres of music we choose throughout our lives.  The more of one genre we listen to, the more we appreciate that particular style.  The attention, planning, memory and movement centers of our brains are all activated while listening to music. we all hear the same thing?  Music is the same as with other life experiences.  We can all be present and share the same experience, but do we interpret it the same?  We actually DO have similar experiences.  Our brain activity is the same in different kinds of people with very different personalities. Think about attending a concert for a minute.  Did you ever stop to think about how it blends all different kinds of people.  It doesn't matter the age, race, or gender; but they're all there because they share a common bond.  
Further research needs to be done to find out the parts of the brain that are activated with music and how it affects each of us differently.  In the meantime, listen to music that makes you feel good and puts you in a good mood!


Melissa Hickman SPT

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