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~ Pelvic Pain on TV

Here is another post from my student, Lisa Rockey.
Reality TV is all the rage these days, yet as we all know, it's not quite REAL.  So why in the world am I blogging about a reality show on MTV?  Well you see, MTV's recently aired a REAL issue for women.  It was an episode called MTV's True Life: I Can't Have Sex.  
Three 20-something women who have chronic pelvic pain issues openly talked about the impact their pain had on their lives.  They discussed the social, relationship, and sexual issues they had as a result of their pelvic pain.  The pelvic conditions in this episode include vulvar vestibultitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, and vaginismus which all cause painful sex (dyspareunia).  
Each woman had different experiences, support systems, and treatments for their pelvic pain. Included in their treatment options were physical therapy, dilators, and talk therapy.  The stories of each of these women illustrate the emotional and physical issues that accompany pelvic pain.  Two of the women discussed the problems associated with pelvic pain in a relationship and the other the problems associated with dating and trying to find a relationship.  
Women of all ages have pelvic pain.  These three young women show that it is OK to talk about it.  Women with chronic pelvic pain issues are not alone.  There are other women out there just like you and there are treatments like PT available that can help.
Lisa Rockey, SPT

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